About Us


The Andersons

IsabelLarz copyIsabel Weld Perkins was born in Boston Massachusetts on March 29th, 1876 to a prominent Boston family. Isabel’s grandfather, William Fletcher Weld had built a successful shipping fleet of Clipper Ships known as the Black Horse Flag fleet. (Read More)

The Museum

The Larz Anderson Auto Museum grew out of a Sunday tradition by wealthy socialites Larz and Isabel Anderson in their (Brookline, Massachusetts) home. The Anderson would open the doors to their spectacular carriage house on Sunday afternoons and share the growing collection of antique American and European vehicles. (Read More)

The Carriage House

First opened to the public in 1927, the museum is a warm and special place that holds one of the oldest and most respected private automobile collections in the world (Read More)

The Collection

Larz and Isabel Anderson began their love affair with the automobile before the turn of the century. In 1899, soon after they married, they purchased an 1899 Winton Runabout, a true horseless carriage. (Read More)