Annual Appeal

Dear Friends,

It is the time of year when we call upon you to pledge your support for all of the wonderful programming that you have enjoyed here at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum. Your generous support keeps the Museum strong, vibrant and progressive, and is a vital source of funding. Some highlights of our 2017 season of activity have been:

  • Our acclaimed SuperCars: Origins, Evolution Exhibit featuring a finely curated assortment of high performance classic and modern supercars and motorcycles alongside counterparts from the dawn of the motor age, with each car representing a unique milestone or achievement in motorsports. This exhibit will run through April 2018. 
  • The continuation of the exposition of the Anderson Cars, “America’s Oldest Car Collection.”
  • Twenty-two Lawn Events including an all-new Member’s Car Day.
  • Five well-attended and eclectic early Saturday morning Cars and Coffee gatherings.
  • Continuation of the Free Fun Friday program, where the Museum educated and entertained more than 1,700 children over extended hours on a spectacular day in July.
  • Over 35,000 visitors to the Museum, including numerous school tours throughout the year.
  • The Community History Speakers Series which was created to start a community-wide conversation about history, both local and automotive, with topics ranging from architecture, textiles, history in Brookline, automotive milestones including achievements in motorsports and design, and of course, various topics related to the Andersons.
  • The new program Fearless Females – Automotive Car Care Series.
  • Our Fourth Annual Larz Anderson Classic MotoTour for Museum members, which was a wonderful fall tour of scenic byways through the charming New England countryside.

As an educational and cultural institution dedicated to exploring the history of the automobile and its influence on our lives, the Museum cannot survive without the support that comes from individuals who understand and value our place on New England’s cultural landscape. Individuals like you. As you know this institution is so much more than a car museum; it is a warm and special place that serves to educate, engage and entertain audiences of all ages throughout the year. It is a treasure to all who discover it and come to value the significance of our mission.

If you value the Museum please make your Tax-Deductible Donation today.

John Darack
President, Board of Trustees
Larz Anderson Auto Museum

P.S. Please make your gift today. We greatly appreciate your ongoing support! Your generosity is essential to the Larz Anderson Auto Museum and the communities we serve and educate.

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