Annual Appeal

Holiday greetings from all of us at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum.  We wish you and your family all the best in the coming New Year.  As 2013 wanes, we ask you to pledge your support for America’s Oldest Car Collection to preserve this unique and treasured institution.

Your past support has provided the Museum with needed assistance in the development of educational and cultural programming important to the various communities that we serve. Included among those benefited have been many school groups, car clubs and the members of a growing population of individuals stricken with Alzheimer’s who have participated in the “Artz for Alzheimer’s” program.

On July 12, 2013, the Museum hosted our first Free Fun Friday. This special event provides free admission to cultural venues all over Massachusetts and is sponsored by the Highland Street Foundation.  The Museum hosted upwards of 1,700 visitors of all ages throughout the day who came from near and far to enjoy children’s activities, cultural programs, and the Great Lawn during special extended hours.

Our current exhibit, Patina, Provenance, Originality:  Thoughtful Preservation of Collectible Automobiles, has been well-received by countless visitors to the Museum throughout the year. The exhibit’s focus has been to highlight the debate of preservation vs. restoration as it relates to vintage automobiles, to spark discussion on the topic, and to further establish automobiles as both historic artifacts and pieces of industrial art.
Throughout the year, we have focused our attention on enhancing these existing programs, creating new ones, building and strengthening community partnerships while continuing the grand tradition of Lawn Events which the Museum is both well-known and admired for.

Funding the Museum and such activity, though, is an enormous undertaking which depends on your help, generosity and commitment. Our need for your support continues to be vital. In fact, it is greater than ever. Our annual appeal is a major source of funding that enables this organization to operate, improve and expand our programming. So please make a donation today.  We thank you for your ongoing support and kindness.

Donate online here, or click the button above.

Your 2013 tax deductible donation will be received with a prompt acknowledgement.