Annual Appeal


Dear Friends, As a result of your efforts and support, and the efforts and support of others like you who are interested in the programs and presentation of the Larz Anderson Auto Museum, our Museum is having a successful 2015. This success has included:

  • An acclaimed “Beauty of the Beast” Exhibit featuring innovative and influential designs from the long and fruitful history of the motorcycle covering over a century of evolution from the dawn of the Motor Age to the computerized technical sophistication of today and will be on display through April, 2016
  • The continuation of the exposition of the Anderson cars, “America’s Oldest Car Collection”
  • 26 Lawn Events with over 5,000 cars on display
  • 4 Saturday morning “Cars and Coffee” gatherings
  • Continuation of the “Free Fun Friday” events, the Internship Program, “Dancing with the Cars” and Information Programs
  • The email publication of “The Museum Gazette” newsletter
  • Over 30,000 visitors to the Museum

To complete the 2015 successes and to pave the way for 2016 we now need your financial contribution. The one area where 2015 has not shown the success level our Director, Sheldon Steele, and his staff have delivered in operational areas, is financial. A particular financial shortfall has been that of corporate and private function sponsorships which have been substantially lower in 2015 than we obtained in 2014. The only way we can make up this drop in revenue is through an increase in response to this request for our Annual Financial Appeal Campaign.

Your, and all of our, financial support provides our Museum with vitally needed funding to preserve “America’s Oldest Car Collection” and to sustain the educational and cultural programming that drives our mission. Our admission revenue, membership dues and event ticket sales fund only a portion of the Museum’s operations. Your tax-exempt charitable gift is important and can make a real difference in sustaining our Museum as a leading unique cultural and educational institution.

This is our Museum and it deserves our support. Please join me and make as generous a donation as you can. And, when you do, let us know what you would like to see at our Museum in 2016 and beyond.

Thank you in advance and all best wishes,

John Carberry

President, Board of Trustees

 P.S. Please make your gift today. You can donate by mail or online at We greatly appreciate your ongoing support! Your generosity is an investment in the Larz Anderson Auto Museum and the communities we serve and educate.

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