If I Built a Car…

Designing and Drawing Your Own Car

What is your idea of the ultimate car?  Does it fly?  What color is it?  Would it have an ice cream machine inside?  There is no idea too big or too small!  In this fun activity kids will hear a story about a little boy who had his own fun and wacky ideas about what he would do if he built his own car!  After the book reading session, kids will see pictures of real wacky car designs that car manufacturers and designers came up with.  They will use fun drawing tools such as rulers and protractors to draw and design their own cars.  Using colorful markers and colored pencils, kids will use their imaginations to create the ultimate car!

Book: If I Built A Car by Chris Van Dusen
Ages:  Kindergarten to 3rd Grade
Cost:  $7.00 per Child
To pre-register for the event please email or call 617-522-6547