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Larz Anderson Auto Museum Board Appoints Sheldon Steele as Executive Director

December 6, 2011 (Brookline, MA) – The Board of the Larz Anderson Auto Museum is pleased to announce the appointment of long-time Museum staff member, motorcar and education expert, Sheldon Steele to the position of Executive Director of America’s Oldest Car Collection – housed at the 19th century Anderson Carriage House, in Brookline, MA.   Effective immediately Steele will assume the leadership position, managing the development, membership, community relations and donor support, as well as the operations, and staff at the nonprofit Museum, which dates back to the 1940’s.

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Green Day: A Lawn Event of a Different Color

SEPTEMBER 30, 2011 (Brookline, MA) – The Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline is long known for its “Lawn Events” which draw like-minded people with like-marque cars together for a day of fun and festivity on the estate’s great lawn. A tradition that’s nearly as old as the invention of the auto itself, dating back to 1939, has a new theme this October 10th: GREEN! Tradition endures to be sure, but today’s Larz Anderson Auto Museum is joining the modern movement in celebration of “Green” technology, innovation, practice – and lifestyle — with the first annual “Green Day: Bringing Technology and People Together through Green Innovations.”, Monday, October 10th.

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Curve Appeal: Style and Elegance in Automobile Design

MARCH 29, 2010 (Brookline, MA) – Curve Appeal: Style and Elegance in Automobile Design, the latest exhibit at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum, opens May 7th, just as America’s oldest auto museum gears up for the 2010 season of its famous, annual outdoor Lawn Events. Located in Brookline, MA, an historic suburb of Boston, the Larz Anderson Auto Museum today announced a brand new exhibit in the 19th century carriage house, and the 2010 schedule of Lawn Events.

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