Chasing the Vine

It’s been said that the journey is as important the destination, and as driving enthusiasts we agree. But sometimes, the destination is a journey in itself. So we’re excited to invite you to join us as we wind our way to New Hampshire’s LaBelle Winery.

This beautiful location is the destination, not just for our drive, but for the grape that is transformed into wine.

A Different LaBelle Winery

If you joined us last year for our drive to LaBelle, we have great news – this is LaBelle’s newest location which means we have new routes to discover. Once we arrive, we’ll enjoy a glass of wine and box lunch on the terrace or in the ballroom!

Check out the Labelle Market, stay for some mini golf or stay and take home dinner from the Americus Restaurant.

All Vintages Welcome

We are planning a great mix of back roads and scenic state highways – perfect for older sports cars as well as newer. Invite your friends to join you for the drive, and the wine.

Cost is $100 Per Person | $200 per couple

The starting point and additional information will be emailed to you when registering.

*Price includes the tour and a boxed lunch at Labelle Winery and a complementary glass of wine.
**Up to 5 passengers are allowed per car. Be sure to select ‘add attendee’ on the bottom of the second registration page to add a passenger.