1912 Renault 40CV Victoria Phaeton – Nickname: Yankee Doodle
Motto: Null Ice Dam

A s the Andersons’ most flamboyant and favorite automobile, the 1912 Renault truly did make a statement all its own, showcasing some of the finest coachwork of any pre-WWI vehicle. The Andersons enjoyed this car so much they kept it on the road until the early 1930’s. The shaped steel fenders and complex cowl design, nicknamed the crocodile head, was unique for its time. Complementing these designs were the bright brass accents and caning along the sides of the vehicle, often found on luxury carriages as well.

The Renault’s 40CV chassis was in production from 1911 to 1927. The car’s 9-liter engine provided smoothness, and the wheelbase, at 150 inches, was the longest of its time. The vehicle was replaced by a sportier version in the late 1920’s but still retained the same crocodile head-shaped hood that can be seen on the 1912 Renault in the Museum.