1915 Packard Twin Six | Nickname: 12 Apostles | Motto: Bearer of Honor and Trust

P urchased by the Andersons in 1915, this automobile was built by the Packard Motor Company of Detroit, Michigan, and bodied by Brewster & Co. of New York. Introduced in June 1915, this was the company’s first mass-produced 12-cylinder engine. This large engine resulted in the nicknaming of the car the 12 Apostles. The V12 engine was introduced to improve the car’s performance and smoothness, and to ensure a quieter ride. According to Automobile, a British motoring magazine, “No vibration was perceptible up to road speed of well over 60 mph.”

The Packard Motor Company was founded in 1899 by brothers James Ward and William Doud Packard when they built their first single-engine car, the Model A. They resumed building automobiles with their 2-cylinder Model G in 1902. In 1903 they officially named their automotive company the Packard Motor Company, and by 1912 they introduced their first 6-cylinder engine.