L arz and Isabel Anderson made various provisions to ensure that their beautiful estate in Brookline would be a resource and benefit to the surrounding community. In addition to hosting dignitaries, the Andersons used their home as a cultural center, hosting plays for children of the town, dog shows, birthday parties, charity functions, and ice skating on the pond in the winter, as well as playing host to informal lawn gatherings of likeminded early automobile enthusiasts, at the dawn of the motor age. Decades after their passing, the Larz Anderson Auto Museum continues the Anderson’s enduring legacy by opening our doors to the public for our Community History Speakers Series. Designed to create a community-wide conversation about history in our area, the topics range from architecture, textiles, American history in Brookline, and of course, the Andersons themselves. Doors open at 6:30pm | Presentation at 7:00pm for all events.


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Due to overwhelming response, we have officially reached capacity for tonight's event, Rich Rebuilds: The Dr. Frankenstein of Teslas No tickets will be available at the door.

For the courtesy of others, if you have previously registered for this free community event but can no longer attend, please send an email to education@larzanderson.

You may have seen local Massachusetts’ resident Rich Benoit on his YouTube channel, Rich Rebuilds that has over 400,000 subscribers and millions of views, where he chronicles his endeavors in repairing and transforming electric vehicles. Rich is taking the world by storm as the “Dr. Frankenstein of Teslas.” His most infamous project was successfully rebuilding a flooded Tesla Model S with parts from a second totaled Tesla, for a grand total of $6,500, making what he considers the world’s cheapest Tesla.

While Massachusetts has the country’s only Right to Repair law, meaning that auto manufacturers are required to provide the same information to independent repair shops as they do for dealer shops, Tesla falls outside the definition of a traditional dealership and even discourages individuals from repairing their own vehicles. Benoit and others like him are forced to salvage parts from junkyards, flood, fire damaged, and totaled cars.

“It definitely goes against Tesla’s mission statement, but if there’s any issue with one of their Teslas and only they can fix it and no one else can, it sits in a field for years. How is that sustainable?” Benoit told Motherboard. Benoit is seeking to make a change and even hopes to continue to educate the public on electric vehicles and open his own repair shop for the Tesla community.

Do you agree with Rich Benoit? Should there be a change in policy or should car manufacturers be allowed to keep their intellectual property under wraps? Join us for a night of rousing discussion and a chance to learn more about Rich’s astonishing adventures!

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