Food has always served as an important differentiation in culture. Available ingredients, methods of cooking, types of preparation, and dishes consumed vary across the world. Food has the incredible ability to activate multiple senses - smell, sight, and taste - which allow the consumer an insight into a particular cultural identity.

Sipping on chianti in the hills of Tuscany or delighting in the smell of the freshly bloomed lavender in Provence currently reads like a far-off fantasy. But what if you could experience a glimpse into another culture right from your own kitchen?

While we can’t currently travel to these far away places, we can cook and eat their instantly recognizable and delectable food. Allow yourself to be transported to a European dream vacation through your taste buds and join us on a culinary journey through the winding city streets of Italy, France, and Spain. After all, one of the best parts of traveling is the food, right?

Much like we enjoy the cars of Europe, the food of Europe is equally intriguing, classic, and evocative of a depth of culture.

This virtual cooking series, led by chef and instructor Donna Keegan, will focus on three varied culinary experiences, allowing an opportunity to taste some of what Europe has to offer. Sure, eating is half the fun, but cooking is the other.

$45 per class
$120 for the series
$80 for Tapas + French

These fees are per computer

Zoom Presentation: 6:30pm - 8:00 pm

Prior cooking experience is not necessary. A positive attitude and a love for great food is all that’s needed. An ingredient and materials list will be sent to all participants prior to the class. The participant will be responsible for purchasing all the necessary ingredients. The class fee is per computer. Feel free to invite members of your household to cook along with you!

Donna Keegan has been a friend and member of the Museum for many years. She has been teaching cooking classes for almost thirty years and her favorite thing about teaching is sharing techniques and tips that excite people to want to cook more for themselves, friends, and family. Donna and her husband, Steve, take an almost yearly pilgrimage to Italy, touring and eating all around Europe on a Ducati ST2 they store in Milan.

The Larz Anderson Auto Museum has served as a historical and cultural institution since the days of Larz and Isabel Anderson. Please join us as we continue Larz and Isabel’s enduring legacy through our special programming whose intention is to educate and entertain our diverse network of members and friends.

If you are looking for a fun, safe, and delicious Friday night activity, this is for you!

Every dollar received for these presentations helps to defray the cost of providing outstanding community programming. Please support the Larz Anderson Auto Museum as we continue to fulfill our mission to serve and educate.




FRIDAY, MARCH 19, 2021 • Simple bolognese - A deliciously rich beef sauce
• All Purpose Pasta Sauce - A multi-purpose simple tomato sauce
• Ravioli with a Twist - No pasta necessary, made with wonton wrappers
• Cannoli - The perfect filling with a touch of orange and chocolate chips


• Patatas Bravas - A classic potato-based tapa with a spicy dipping sauce
• Spanish Garlic Shrimp - Garlic, smoked paprika and sherry
• Stuffed Peppadew Peppers - Quickly sauteed to melt the goat cheese filling
• Pomegranate Glazed Chorizo + Pineapple Bites - This sweet and savory combination makes the perfect bite


FRIDAY, APRIL 16, 2021
• Baby Spinach Salad - Radishes and mint and a delicious shallot vinaigrette
• Baked Saffron Rice - Comes out perfect every time
• Chicken Provençal - Herb coated sauteed chicken and scallops with mixed peppers and shallots in a white wine sauce
• Red Wine Poached Pears - A classic and beautiful dessert