Photo by Devin Bernstein.

MotorMouth, the Museum’s live storytelling event that many have come to know and love, is back this fall! This time, we will hear the stories of our members and friends.

Many of us who have been hopelessly addicted to cars for years may have a similar story. Such as, in 1994, we saw a car on the side of the road and for whatever reason, we decided not to buy it and we’ve been kicking ourselves ever since. Now, it has a value of thousands, we’ve never stopped thinking about it, and we wish we could go back to that day 25 years ago and change our minds. Or, perhaps, we let a car we owned and loved go, only to try to try to track it down again years later.

On this specially curated night, each speaker will have the floor to share their story of the one that got away and later answer questions from the audience. Join us to hear the funny, the riveting, the unfortunate, and the lucky stories.

$15 for members – $20 for non-members

A wildcard name will be pulled out of a hat to present from our previous submissions!*

*Time permitting

Every dollar received for these presentations helps to defray the cost of providing outstanding community programing. Please support the Larz Anderson Auto Museum as we fulfill our mission to serve and educate.