The term Golden Age arose from a time of great prosperity, peace, and achievements in ancient Greece. The monuments, art, philosophy, architecture, and literature produced in that period provided the building blocks to the advancements of civilization. In that same way, the Golden Age in motoring set the stage for some of the most luxurious, elegant, and durable machines ever produced, paving the way for a prosperous automotive future.

The social and political climate in America and indeed the world between 1915 and 1948 was in no way synonymous with a so-called Golden Age. In fact, this period was bookended by two World Wars with an economic downturn in between. Remarkably, the auto industry in Europe and America flourished. Great design, innovation, and production were at an all-time high. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, these motoring icons embodied optimism, evolution, and a sense of hope during this epoch of global darkness.

It has been said that this distinct era brought forth some of the most stylish and graceful lines that the automotive world ever created, with many significant milestones having been achieved along the way. Many automotive historians have referred to this time period as the very zenith of automotive styling.

Join us as we celebrate the legends of this era and experience how they inspired generations of automotive stylists and trends in the new exhibit: The Golden Age – Era of Distinction, Style and Grace: 1915-1948. Exhibit runs through mid April 2020.