Our authorized Caterers are among New England’s finest, and each can produce your entire evening. From tables and chairs to hors d’oeuvres, the main course, dessert and coffee. Please call one of the caterers listed, and they will provide you with a complete proposal based on your needs and budget.

Boston Catering and Events

(781) 938-9300

Boston Gourmet Foods

(508) 596-4263

Charlton Becker Catering

East Meets West Catering

Jules Catering

(617) 628-5977

Max Ultimate Foods

(617) 427-9799

Season to Taste

SYB Event Planning

(978) 996-8289

Tastings Caterers

(508) 879-9191

Tova’s Catering (Kosher)

(508) 286-2242